Cities in Africa are all about diversity of cultures, people, languages, cuisines, vibrant and colourful buildings, spectacular historical monuments, unique African Art, unforgettable places to visit (attractions), countless things to do, where to stay (sleep) and beautiful memories to make. Cities in Africa are a complete vacation, holiday package, don't miss out on this amazing experience, Visit Africa today!

Cities in Africa

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Cities to Visit in Africa


Country: Namibia

Region: Southern Africa

Windhoek, Namibia, Southern Africa, Africa


Country: Kenya

Region: East Africa

Nairobi City, Kenya, East Africa, Africa

Cape Town

Country: South Africa

Region: Southern Africa


Country: South Africa

Region: Southern Africa


Country: Tunisia

Region: North Africa

Cape Town, South Africa, Africa Johannesburg, South Africa, Southern Africa, Africa Tunis, Tunisia, North Africa, Africa

Dar es Salaam

Country: Tanzania

Region: East Africa

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa, Africa


Country: Rwanda

Region: East Africa

Kigali, Rwanda, East Africa, Africa


Country: Morocco

Region: North Africa


Country: Angola

Region: Central Africa


Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Marrakesh, Morocco, North Africa, Africa Luanda, Angola, Central Africa, Africa Cairo, Egypt, North Africa, Africa

Addis Ababa

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Central Africa


Country: Uganda

Region: East Africa

Kampala, Uganda, East Africa, Africa


Country: Nigeria

Region: West Africa


Country: Ghana

Region: West Africa

Port Louis

Country: Mauritius

Region: Southern Africa

Port Louis, Mauritius, South-East Coastal Africa, Africa Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa, Africa Accra, Ghana, West Africa, Africa

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