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Africa offers endless things to do while on your visit to this great untamed continent, from breathtaking sights to ancient historical and cultural sites to wildlife tours/safaris with inexhaustible ray of beauty an experience of diverse geographical landscape and climate to beaches that will sweep you off your feet to beautiful and friendly people and culture to great and amazing cuisines and food to adventurous treks, hikes, dives and all kinds of cool activities you have never experienced.

Make sure not to miss out on this adventurous fun.

Africa, the mother of Wildlife of all kinds - don't miss a visit to africa
Africa is the home of the Big Five Wildlife from lions, elephants, rhinoes to Leopards and African Buffalo
Africa is the home of almost all the world's Mountain Gorillas, don't miss a trip to Africa
Africa tops the world when it comes to bird species

Wildlife Safaris/Tours

Big Five Safaris/Tours

Gorilla Tracking


Africa is the home of the world ancient human historical sites
An image of an elephant sculpture in a museum in Africa
Africa, the home of Art - enjoy art of all kinds on your visit to Africa
A Women wearing an African fashion fabric

Historical Sites


African Art Galleries

African Fashion

An African Cultural Tribe during a fun moment
Africa has some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world
Tourist enjoying boat cruise drive and wildlife
A group of tourists enjoying water rafting on river nile in Africa

African Cultural Life

Breathtaking Beaches

Boat Cruise Drive

Water Rafting

A tourist enjoying zip lining acitivities in Africa
A tourist durinig a bungee jumping session in Africa
A group of tourists hiking in Africa
A tourist enjoying mountain biking in Africa

Zip Lining Activities

Bungee Jumping


Mountain Biking

Visit Africa is a leading online tourism company in Africa, that profiles every tourist destination, in every country, in the African Continent; Destinations, How to get there, Attractions, Things to do, How to get around, itinerary pricing and Where to stay. We partner with other leading  tour/ safari, travel, leisure and hospitality companies and agencies, for the best tourism experience in Africa.

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