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Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials You Should Carry for Your Africa Tourism Visit

Africa is one of the most breathtaking continents to visit, filled with endless attractions, destinations, and activities. As you plan your visit/tour/adventure/safari to Africa, there are some travel essentials that you shouldn't leave behind. We have shared more about them below, see you soon!

Essential documents to carry for your Africa tourism visit.
Essential clothing to carry for your Africa tourism visit
Essential gadgets you need for your Africa tourism visit

Carry Your Travel Documents

Your passport, travel air tickets, travel/tourism insurance documents, any necessary medical or vaccine certificates like yellow-fever vaccine certificate, locks for your luggage and alternative variety of identification just in case of passport loss.


For tourism in Africa, you will need your passport to be valid for six months beyond your travel dates in Africa. Ensure your passport has enough blank pages for any stamping, and thoroughly review all the entry requirements for each country you’re visiting.


In addition to your passport being in order, you should obtain a Yellow Health Card and have it completed by your doctor. The Yellow Heath Card is an internationally recognized record of vaccinations endorsed by the World Health Organization. Some countries require visitors to obtain certain vaccinations as part of their entry requirements.

Comfortable Clothing is Essential

Diverse is Africa, in terms of her people and biodiversity which are the two factors that guide one on what to pack for a tourism event/tour/safari. Your comfort is essential while choosing what to wear for a tourism event/safari/tour. Things to consider as you pick what clothing to carry include the culture of the country you have got chosen to go to, the activities you intend to have interaction in on safari, the geography and climate of your destination. Your clothes should have colours that blend in together with your environment like brown, khaki, green and other dull colours because the intense colours scare animals away.

Don't Leave your Gadgets behind

Your tourism experience on a tour/safari in Africa isn't complete without some gadgets like a camera to capture those breathtaking moments, your phone to bring your family and friends closer to the experience, and also comes handy in emergency situations, your laptop or tablet with their respective charger adaptors to connect with the rest of the world while out on your tourism experience in Africa.


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Prescription medication is essential for your Africa tourism visit

Prescription Medications

Ensure to pack all necessary prescription medications for your Africa tourism visit.

Carry some money with you on your Africa tourism visit, tip at your discretion, exchange currencies at ATM Machines and Forex exchange points.
Money, Currencies and Tipping

Ensure to carry some cash along with you on an African tourism event/safari/tour since you will not find any Credit Card Machines in the African Wild. ATM Machines are common Africa, where you can withdraw local currency or even USD Dollars, Pounds, or Euros which are easily exchangeable at Forex Exchange points.

Tipping tourism guides or any service provider on your African tourism visit is something you do at your own discretion

Things you should not carry for your Africa tourism visit
What is not Essential

Most of the countries in Africa are setting strict measures on the use of polythene bags. Kenya and Rwanda lead the way in being polythene-free countries. For environmental protections reasons, polythene (plastic) bags are illegal and are continuously been banned, the customary plastic duty-free bags included. For liquids in hand luggage, it is recommended to use transparent toiletry bags.

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